Marie Cecile Allis (1817)


Marie Cecile was born in Amsterdamin 1817 (the witnesses on her birth record are Jan Haige and Jan Hansen). Marie Cecile was named after her paternal grandmother, Marie Cecile De Maure.

Marie Cecile’s partner was Jan Verhoef, a labourer (‘werkman’) born in Amsterdam. It looks like Marie Cecile & Jan did not get married. Jan’s father, Jan Verhoef, may have been an old family friend because a “Jan Ver Hoef” was a witness at Jean Isedore Allis & Antje Klaasen’s wedding in 1817.

Marie Cecile worked as  “breister”  (knitter) and a “groenteverkoopster” (vegetable saleswoman).


Marie Cecile & Jan lived on Kromme Elleboogsteeg in Amsterdam.

Between 1845-1852, the family were living at number 33 Kromme Elleboogsteeg (where the two eldest daughters were born). Between 1857-1859 the family were living at number 426 (where the two youngest daughters were born).


Marie Cecile & Jan had six daughters, all born in Amsterdam:

1. Margaretha Verhoef (1845-1865). She died at the age of 19.

2. Cornelia Verhoef (1848)

3. Marie Cecile Verhoef (1851). She died at 23 days old.

4. Marie Cicile Verhoef (1852), a seamstress (‘naaister’). Married Hendrik Van Laar.

5. Anette Hendrika Verhoef (1857-1861). She died at the age of 4.

6. Antonetta Hendrika Verhoef (1859-1861). She died at the age of 2.

Poor Relief:

In 1852, Jan Verhoef applied for poor relief (a year after their third daughter, Marie Cecile, died). The family received poor relief in winter for nine years, from 1852-1861 (they didn’t receive any poor relief in 1858). During this time, three more daughters were born – Marie Cecile (1852); Anette & Antonetta.

In 1861, the two youngest daughters (Anette & Antonetta) died. After this the family stopped receiving poor relief (perhaps because they now had ‘fewer mouths to feed’ and were no longer entitled to it). Four years later, the family’s eldest daughter, Margaretha, died (at the age of 19).

Only two of the six children survived to adulthood – Cornelia (1848) & Marie Cecile (1852).

Cornelia Verhoef (1848):

It is unknown whether Cornelia Verhoef ever married. When she was 26 years old, she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Johanna Cornelia Verhoef (Johanna was born at 99-701 Willemsstraat, Amsterdam in 1848).

Marie Cecile Verhoef (1852):

Marie Cecile Verhoef was a seamstress (‘naaister’). She married Hendrik van Laar.

Their children were: 1. Cornelia Cecilia (1876,Amsterdam). Cornelia was born at number 146 Willemsstraat,Amsterdam & died a year later.

2. Johannes Hendrik van Laar (1879). He & his wife Machtilda Wilhelmina Merkelbag had ten children, all born inAmsterdam (five of the children died before the age of 12).

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