Jan Theodor Allis (1803)


Jan Theodor was born in Amsterdam on the 16th of January 1803. He was baptised on the 17th of January. He may have been named after his French father, who has a similar sounding name – “Jean Isedore”.

Jan Theodor was a Seaman and a “Modderman” (he removed mud from the water, enabling ships to get into the harbour).

In 1824, Jan Theodor married Catharina Margaretha Ketelhaak. Like himself, Catharina was half-German. Her father, Jan Ketelhaak, was born in Lippen, Germany. Her mother, Maria Meijer, was born in Amsterdam.

Jan Theodor & Catharina Margaretha had four daughters (all born in Amsterdam):

  1. Antje Allis (1824)
  2. Maria Allis (1826)
  3. Catharina Margaretha Allis (1829)
  4. Margaretha Allis (1834). Margaretha died when she was two months old.

Poor Relief:

In 1829 Catharina Margaretha applied for poor relief (shortly after their third daughter was born). The family received poor relief for a total of thirty years (during the winters of 1829-1859, and during the summers of 1854-1859).

Catharina Margaretha (1829):

Catharina married Cornelis Andries Muijs in 1858. They had six children, all born in Amsterdam:

1. Cornelis Andries Egbert Muijs (1856)
2. Henriette Johanna Catharina Muijs (1861)
3. Maria Geertruida Albertina Muijs (1864)
4. Bertus Karel Dirk Muijs (1866)
5. Johanna Dirkje Muijs (1869)
6. Dirkje Johanna Muijs (1874) (m. Gerben de Jong, from Friesland)

Maria Allis (1826)

Maria married Dirk Sjoers. Their son Johannes Sjoers was born 10/09/1960 (at Willemstraat no 601, Amsterdam).

Antje Allis (1824) – vegetable seller (groenteverkoopster):


1. Johannes Hermanus van der Heide (a boatsman on a riverboat).  They married in 1855. He appears to have died (outside of Amsterdam) between 1859-1869.

2. Dirk Sjoers (a longshoreman). The marriage was in 1869, two years after Dirk’s first wife (Antje’s sister, Maria Allis) died.

Children (all born in Amsterdam):

  1. Hendrikus Johannes Allis (1850). The father is not named on the birth certificate. This boy probably died as a child.
  2. Johannes Hermanus van der Heijde (1853-1858).      Died at age 5.
  3. Henricus Bernardus van der Heijde      (1857)
  4. Jan Theodor Allis (1863) (his father is unknown).


Poor Relief:

In 1859, Antje applied for poor relief. She was 35 years old (her second son had died the previous year). Antje received poor relief from 1859-1862, and again in 1864. Her first husband probably died around this time.

In the winter of 1863, Antje was heavily pregnant with an illegitimate son, Jan Theodor Allis, and did not receive any poor relief. Antje applied for poor relief again in the following winter (1864), however Jan Theodor’s name was not added to her poor relief form (perhaps because an illegitimate child could have prevented her from receiving poor relief).

In 1869 Antje married her brother-in-law Dirk Sjoers (two years after her sister Maria Allis died).

In 1893, Antje’s son Jan Theodor Allis (aged 30) had to get his birth retrospectively registered (because he needed to be recognised under the law in order to get married). His birth was registered on 17/03/1893. The witnesses were Antje’s husband (Dirk Sjoers) & Hendrik van der Heijde (aged 34, b. 1859) (presumably her son). Jan Theodor Allis married Maria Ameida Steenbergen a month later on 12-04-1893.

Note: The step-father “Dirk Sjoers” is named as Jan Theodor’s father in Family Card records after 1893 (it is uncertain whether this is correct – Dirk Sjoers is not named as the father in Jan Theodor’s birth records).

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