Jacob Allis (1806)


Jacob was probably named after his maternal grandfather, Jacob Claßen.

Jacob was 10 years old when his parents got married in 1817.

I can’t find any Amsterdam records for him apart from his birth record (this may be because he died outside of Amsterdam).

Below is the baptism record for Jacob Allis (he was baptised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Amsterdam). His father’s name was incorrectly recorded in this record as “Jan Theodor Liset” (this was corrected to “Jean Isedore Allis” in the notes below, in 1817, shortly before his parents got married). “Liset” may have been “Le Thie”, the place where Jean Isedore is from in Lower Normandy, or it may have just been a mishearing of “Allix/Allis”.

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