Grietje Allis (1810)


Grietje Allis was born in 1810 & baptised in theEvangelical Lutheran Church. The witnesses were Grietje Klaasen & Fredrik Leeh.

Grietje married Pieter van Os, a shopkeeper (“winkelier”). Pieter was one of the witnesses on the birth record of his niece, Margaretha Verhoef (born to Marie Cecile Allis in 1848).


  1. Pierre Jean Isidore van Os (b. 1846,Amsterdam; on Utrechtsestraat 10).
  2. Petrus Jacobus van Os (b. 1847,Amsterdam). Petrus married Louisa Le Blanc (b. 1852, Utrecht), and they had four children.
  3. Willem Frederik van Os (b. 1852 ,Amsterdam)

Grietje died in 1881, inAmsterdam, when she was 71 years old.

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