Andre Louis Allis (1814)


André Louis’ occupations were grocer servant (gruttersknecht); car carrier servant (wagendragersknecht) in 1871;  confectioner (suikerbakker) in 1873; and workman (werkman) in 1874. Andre Louis died at the age of 60 in 1874.

In 1841, aged 26, Andre Louis married Johanna Elisabeth Brandouw (a servant). His brother-in-law, Jan Verhoef, was a witness to the marriage. They had four children:

1. Jean Isidore Allis b. 1841 (m. Coosje  Hanekroot)


Maria Philippina Elisabeth Allis (1870-1871) – died as an infant.

Carolina Wilhelmina Ferdinanda Allis (1872) – m. Johannes Gerardus Hendricus van Vossole.

Andre Louis Allis (1875) – m. (1) Teuntje Maria Elias (their children: Dirk Jacobus, Jean Isidor Andre Louis, Andre Louis, Johannes Marinus, Anthonius Marinus, Maria Alida Hendrika; and Antonia Maria). He and Teuntje Elias divorced, and then he married (2) Elisabeth Wouderberg (their children: Catharinus, Catharina and Elisabeth Catharina Andrea). In 1917 Andre Louis Allis (b. 1875) immigrated from Amsterdam to New York apparently with his second wife and their three children [Passenger for Voyage of Larenberg arrival date: June 16, 1917, at 42yo].

NB: Antonia Maria Allis married Lambertus Mostaard. In 1955, their son, Jean Isidor (Jan) Mostaard (1934-2005), immigrated to Canada. His children are Diana, Yvonne (m. Peter Brand) and Patricia (. Peter Puleston).

2. Andre Louis Allis b. 1847 (m. Marretje Geerts, b. 1846). His occupations were: fitter (1914); machinist (1890-1901); blacksmith servant (1896); & blacksmith (1910).


Andre Louis Allis (1869) (a  blacksmith)  – m. Johanna Adriana Maria van Gorcom (their children:  (1) Andre Louis, (2) Adriaan Frans Theodoor, (3) Jan Fedde b1898 (he did forced labour in Germany during WWII), (4) Adriaan Frans Theodoor, (5) Adriaan Frans Theodor, (6) Johannes Jacobus, (7) Hendrikus Johannes Marinus, (8) Johanna Adriana Maria, (9) Marietje, (10) Andrea and (11) Louisa Maria).

Neeltje (1871) – m. Cornelis Johannes van Tinteren (their children: Johannes Eleonardor (?) , Maria Philippina Elisabeth and Andrea Louisa).

Maria Elisabeth (1872) – died as an infant

Maria Philippina (1875) – known as “Aunt Pien”, m .Willem van Hall.

Johanna Ferdinana (1876) – m. Philip Petrie.

Jan Fedde (1878) – possibly his son is a “Jan Fedde Allis” born 14/07/1923 in Amsterdam, who did forced labour in Germany during WWII.

Louis Andre (1880) – died as an infant

Marrietje (1881) – died as an infant

Jean Isedore (1884) – m. Frouke Burghoorn (divorced); m. Elisabeth Geertruida Boszhard (their daughter: Elisabeth Geertruida Theodora Allis, who m. N. H. Vries).

Johannes Jacobus (1886) – m. Bertha Jensen (their children: Johannes Jacobus, Bertha and Marretje).

3. Johanna Elisabeth Allis b. 1849 (m. Arie Boere, a butcher & peddler)


Pieter Cornelis Boere (1872) (baker) – m. Adriana Ringeling, daughter of a ship’s captain (Andries Ringeling). Pieter and Adriana had criminal convictions, please click on the following links to see their police files: Boere Pieter Cornelis police record b. 1872 (receiving stolen goods), and Adriana Ringeling police file (receiving stolen goods).

Christiaan Johan Philip Boere (1889, Amsterdam) (chaffeur)

Willem Boere (1880) (bicycle mechanic) (m. Anna Hornik). See Boere Willem b 1879 police file (theft).

4. Johannes Jacobus Allis (1853) – m. (1) Christina Gerardina Stoffers (had one child; divorced in 1883); m. (2) Willemina Antonia Hendriks. His occupations were: workman; cooper (making/repairing wooden barrels); warehouseman; labourer; and dockworker.


Johanna Christina Allis 1877 (born to Christina Gerardina Stoffers).

Johannes Jacobus 1882 – m. Annette Michels. Their son was Johannes Jacobus (1927), an engineer (‘chef-monteur’) who was made to do forced labour in Germany in WWII.

Johannes Albertus 1886 – m. Johanna Catharina Bouman. Theibus-chaffeur Amsterdam c 1940r children were:  (1) Johannes Jacobus (died as an infant), (2) Femmetje Theodora (died as a young child), (3) Wilhelmina Theodora (died as an infant), (4) Johanna (Han) Catharina (1921) who married Fred Goodwin (their children are Michael & Pat), (5) Johannes (Jan) Albertus (1923) (his children are Audrienne & Juno), and  (6) Theodorus (Theo) (1925-2008), who immigrated to New Zealand in about 1947 & married Hilda Scurr (their children are Robin, Gary & David). NB: Brothers Jan and Theo Allis did forced labour in Germany during WWII.

Andre Louis 1888 – m. Hendrika Louisa Gout. Their children were: Andre Louis (1919) and Selia Johanna Allis (1922-2001).

Antoon 1891 – died as an infant.

Antonia Wilhelmina 1892 – m. Jacob Baars (b. 29/05/1892) on 19/04/1916 in The Hague. Their children were: Wilhelmina Baars and Dirkje Jacoba Baars. The family lived in Rhenen, The Hague and Rotterdam.

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