Their Children


 Jean Isedore and Antje’s children were:

  1. Jan Theodor Allis (1803)
  2. Jacob Allis (1806) (little is known about him)
  3. Grietje Allis (1810)
  4. Andre Louis Allis (1814)
  5. Marie Cecile Allis (1817)
  6. Pieter Allis (1825) (died as an infant)

Jean Isedore & Antje got married on the 9th of April 1817. They didn’t sign their names in the wedding register because they couldn’t write.

Jean Isedore worked as a baker’s apprentice. The family were poor, but Jean Isedore & Antje made enough money to survive without needing to go on poor relief while their children were young.

The family lived on a street called “Krom Elleboogsteeg” inAmsterdam. There were three “Krom Elleboogsteeg” streets inAmsterdamat that time. The one the family probably lived on started at what is now the “Nieuwendijk” street (at the time it was considerably longer). It was a street of ill-reputation and prostitution.

Jean Isedore went on poor relief in 1846 after becoming a widower. He died three years later, in 1849. Jean Isedore and Antje had at least 16 grandchildren.

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