Some of Jean Isedore’s descendants still live in the Netherlands/Belgium area. Others immigrated to New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

UNITED STATES: In 1917 Andre Louis Allis (b. 1875) immigrated to New York, USA, when he was 42 years old [Passenger for Voyage of Larenberg arrival date: June 16, 1917]. Andre Louis Allis’ second wife/partner, Elisabeth Wouderberg and their three children (Catharinus (1912); Elisabeth Catharina Andrea (1915); and Catharina (1916)) probably immigrated with him. His older children (with his first wife Teuntje Maria Elias) seem to have lived with their mother in the Netherlands after the divorce.  In 1955, Andre Louis Allis’ grandson (Jean Isidor Mostaard 1934-2005) immigrated to North America also (see below).

CANADA: In 1955, Jean Isidor (Jan) Mostaard (1934-2005) immigrated to Ontario, Canada. He & his wife, Tiny, had three children: Diana, Yvonne (m. Peter Brand) and Patricia (. Peter Puleston). His parents were Antonia Maria Allis (daughter of Andre Louis Allis b. 1875) and Lambertus Mostaard. Jean Isidor Mostaard died in Ontario in 2005.

NEW ZEALAND: In 1950, Theodorus (Theo) Allis (1925-2008) immigrated to New Zealand after WWII and married Hilda Scurr. Their children were: Robin, Gary & David. Theo is the son of Johannes Albertus Allis (son of & Catherine Bouman.

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