Alix’s in Manche, France

MANCHE, FRANCE – Alphabetical Tables:

Jean Isedore Allis was born in a place called “Le Thie” (or similar) in Lower Normandy, France. It is unclear where “Le Thie” is – there are a few candidates, but the most likely place is “Le Theil” in Manche, Lower Normandy, France, because there are a large number of “Allix” people in the Manche Records.

I looked through all the “Allix” and “Alix” records in the Manche alphabetical tables for each area (and in the earlier non-indexed records for Le Theil only), but unfortunately I didn’t found anything for “Jean Isedore Allis” or his parents (Andre Louis Guillaume Allis and Marie Cecile de Maure). The Manche records can be found under “Etat civil” on .

The earliest “Allix” people I found in the Le Theil records were Marie Allix and Clair Postel and their children (from 1767 onwards). There is no marriage record for them in Le Theil. Marie’s parents were Christophe François ALLIX (1689-1762 SPE) and Genevieve Benoit (b. 1709 Fermanville). She is descended from Michel ALLIX and Cardine AUVRAY (SPE). Michel was born in Anneville en Saire, married in Varouville in 1652, and died in SPE. Some of the godparents of their children appear to be Marie’s brothers/sisters, and include Jacqueline Alix & Bon Christophe Alix (both from SPE) and Jeanne & Louis Allix (both from SPE). Therefore it is probable that Marie Allix originally came from SPE (Saint-Pierre-Eglise, Manche). Some of the records pre 1794 for SPE no longer exist, unfortunately, so I cannot verify this. It is possible also that Jean Isidore Allix & his parents came originally from SPE and settled in Le Theil shortly after he was born, but again I cannot verify this. There are no records in Le Theil for Jean Isidore Allix or his parents, and the SPE records do not go back far enough to be checked for the presence of Jean Isidore and his parents (around the years 1770-1785).

Below are all the Allix’s that I did find in the Manche tabels:



Marie Madeleine Allix (1733 SPE – 1810 LT) Clair Postel Marie (1767); Maria Theresa (1768-1768); Jeanne Marie Therese Louise   (1767?); Genevieve Marie Therese (c. 1772-1778). Godparents of Bon Christophe =Jacqueline & Bon Christophe Alix (both from SPE). Godparents of Jeanne Marie Therese Louise = Jeanne & Louis Allix (from SPE). Godparents of Genevieve Marie Therese = Jacqueline & Louis Allix. NB: It appears that Louis Allix may be Marie’s brother. NB: A “Charles Le Laidier” is listed as godfather on Genevieve’s death (alongside godmother Jacqueline Alix).
Francois Alix Victoire Thoville Marie Susanne Alix (b. 1792-1802)
Jean Alix Marie Godefroi Marie Susanne Francoise Alix (d. 1873)
Pierre? Alix Victoire Revet Aimee Marie Alix (b. 1857)
Jean Charles Desire? Allix Rosalie Poslauie? Married in 1890




Francois   Allix Marie Hoforce Jacques (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Jacques Allix Maria Ayude Charles Bon? (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Jacques Allix Marie Viquot/Siquot Anne Victoria (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Christopher Allix Geuasiase? Beuois? Jeanne (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Pierre Allix Jacquolina Breune Pierre (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Pierre   Allix Leonora Aora? Pierre (d. btwn 1792-1802) Parents: Yierre Allix (of Tammerville) & Anne ? Dufacts
Jean   Allix Margareta Zoi? Pierre (d. btwn 1803-1807)
Nicolas   Allix Marie Amiot Bonne? Maria Anne (d. btwn 1803-1807)
Jacques Philippe Francois Allix Marie Aimee Labbe Jacques Michel  (b.   1806?); Marie Vierguie? (1807?); Charles (1808); Bonne Victoire (1810);   Michel (1812) Married btwn. 1803-1807
Modeste Marin Allix Anne Marie Raoult Marie Anne Francoise (1809); Pierre Francoise Charles (b.   1810; d. 1810); Rore? Henriette (1811); Pierre Jules Auguste (b. 1813; d.   1813) Married 09/10/1806
Pierre Bon Charles Allix Michele Mahaut Marie Michele  (1795?); Francois Michel; Pierre B.; Annie   Francoise (d. btwn 1801-1803);
Jean   Allix Jacqueline Commiencaille/Commenchail Guillaume (1793)
Louis   Allix ? Charles Francois (b. btwn 1792 – 1802)
? Marie Allix Marie Jean? (b. btwn 1792-1802); Jeanne (d. btwn 1792-1802)
Jacques Allix Jeanne Noadoy Jeanne (1807?)
Bon Charles Augustine Allix Marie Madelaine Vindard Anne Marie Madelaine   (1808); Charles Francois (1810); Jacques Hyacinthe (1812)
Bon Jacques Francois Allix Anne Marie Duprey Jacques Pierre (1811); Pierre (1812); Married in 1810
Pierre   Francois Allix Marie Francoise Varin Married 02/08/1810
Augustine Charles Francois   Allix Jeanne Francisca Le Marchard Louis Charles Bon (1812); Allix… (d. 1811 or 1813); Married 13/12/1810
Jacques Joseph Allix Marie Agues Pierre Paul (d. 1808)
Guillaume Allix Marie Henriette Bon Charles Jacques (d. 1808)
Antoine Allix Marie Auvrey? Jean (d. 1810)
Charles N. B. J. Allix Aimable Marie Charlotte Roget Charles Nicolas Joseph (1812); Marie Jeanne (1813)
Bon Thomas Michel Allix Francoise Cecile N. Leflere? Marie Jeanne (1812)
Christophe Charles Francois   Allix Bonne F. Henriette Houyvet Married 17/12/1812; Parents: Louis Allix (of SPE) and Jeanne   B. Neel
Bon Charles Allix Eulalia Cruhal? Eulalia Anne Marie Catharina (d. 1811)




Francois Allix Victoire Thosville Bonne Marie Francaise; Justine   Rosalie (b. c. 1797, Digosville) Digosville Parents married c. 1797
Francois Etienne Alix Jeanne Francoise Victoire Thoville Bonne Francoise Modeste Allix (d. c.   1797; Sauxemesnil) Sauxemesnil
Marie Allix Bonne Leuvray Augustine Louise (b. c. 1797;   Montaigu-Le-Brisette) Montaigu-Le-Brisette
Jean Allix Marie Brostieu Montaigu-Le-Brisette Married in 1797
Francois Allix Marie Greer Pierre (d. c. 1797) Montaigu-Le-Brisette
Bon Allix Jeannes Fichet Jeannes; Bon; Jeannes (2); Rosalie   (all b. Theville) Theville
Anne Allix Agon-Coutainville Died 1810
Etienne Allix Valognes Died 1792-1803 (parents born elsewhere)
Nicolas Allix Augoville? died 1792-1803
Jean Jacques Allix Auboville Born 1792-1803
Francois Augustine Allix Aubin Born 1813-1833
Marie Francois Allix Isidor Augustine Cottereau Annoville Married 1813
Anne Francoise Allix Annoville Died 1818
Francoise Alix A? ?
Bonne Francoise Allix Barfleur Born 1792-1802
Pierre Julieu Allix Beauficel Died 1811
Gillet Jean Alix Beauvoir Born 1803
Louise Julienne Alix Beauvoir Born 1805
Laurent Alix Beauvoir Born 1805
Marie Maria? Alix Beauvoir Born 1807
Theodor Alexis? Alix Beauvoir Born 1808
Francois Pierre?? Alix Beauvoir Born 1809
Jeanne Gilette Alix Beauvoir Born 1810
Michelle Laurence Alix Beauvoir Born 1811
Marie Andre Alix Beauvoir Born 1812
Francoise Pierre Alix Rose Selagie Vendel Beauvoir Married 1808
Laurent Alix Andree Thebault Beauvoir Married 1810
Penaie? Alix Beauvoir Died 1804
Julienne Marie Alix Beauvoir Died 1805
Louise Gilette Alix Beauvoir Died 1805
Theodor Alix Beauvoir Died 1808
Francoise Pierreau?? Alix Beauvoir Died 1810
Jeanne Gilette Alix Beauvoir Died 1812
Dauphin? Allix Blainville-sur-Mer Born 1809
Magloire Valentin Allix Blainville-sur-Mer Born 1812
Marie Anne Angelique Alix Boisbenâtre Born 1808
Nicolas Alix Boisyvon Born 1806
Susanne Alix Boisyvon Born 1808
Charles Jean Baptiste Alix Boucey Born 1792
Francois Alix Boucey Born 1792-1802
Francoise Jacqueline Alix Boucey Born 1792-1802
Francois Alix Boucey Born 1792-1802
Antoine Allix Bréhal Born 1793
Maximilim Allix Bréhal Born 1792
Jean Charles Alix Susanne Francoise Ragonde Jean Joseph; Marie; H. Francoise;   Susanne Francoise;  (b, 1972-1802) Brix Married 1792
Jerome? Alix Jeanne Victoire Adau Adolphe Amiable Alix; Susanne   Justine; Pierre Joseph; Jeanne Cecille (b. 1972-1802) Brix
Jacques Allix Bricqueville-la-Blouette Born 1808
Jacques Allix Bricqueville-la-Blouette Died 1811
Francois Allix Bricqueville-la-Blouette Died 1792-1802
Francois Allix Bricqueville-la-Blouette Died 1812
Gillette Allix Bricqueville-la-Blouette Died 1810
Jacques Marie Allix Marie Madeleine Hedellais Bricqueville-la-Blouette Married 1808



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