Marriage Certificate


Translated from Dutch into English:

Today on the 17th of April,  1817, at noon, the following appear before the Civil Administration of Amsterdam with the intention of getting married:

JEAN ISEDORE ALLIS of Lethie in Lower Normandy (France), a baker’s apprentice, 40 years of age, living here in Amsterdam, son of Pierre Andre Guillaume Allis and Marie Cecile de Maure, both deceased and on the other side;

And ANTJE KLAASEN of Neuharlingersiel, without an occupation, 34 years of age, living here in Amsterdam, daughter of Jacob Klaasen and Geeske Magdalena Hanssen, both deceased and on the other side.

The Court has been presented with a copy of the birth certificates of the couple (made up by the Court & signed by the witnesses); proof of the deaths of both sets of parents & grand-parents of the couple;  and the baptism records for the four children born before the marriage (Jan Theodoor, Jan 17, 1803; Jacob, Nov 13, 1806; Grietje, July 18, 1810, all baptised in the Evangelical Lutheran church in Amsterdam,  and Andre Louis Allis, born June 29, 1814). The couple declare that these are their children & with this statement they legalize the children.

The couple is asked if they will take each other as man and wife, to which they both answered “yes”. The Court declares them man and wife, in the presence of the following witnesses:

Christoffel Gertenaar, 51 years old,
Jan Haaze, book binder, 26 years old,
David Philips, tailor, 36 years old and
Johannes Reket, shoemaker, 30 years old,

All living here in Amsterdam.

This marriage certificate was made up and read out loud to the couple, after which it was signed by all except by the married couple because they declared not being able to write:

C. Gertenaar
J. Haase
D. Philips
J. Reket

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