Jean Isedore Allis (1776)


Jean Isedore was born around 1776 in ‘Le Thie’, Lower Normandy, France. His parents were Pierre Andre Guillaume Allix & Marie Cecile Demaure.

When Jean Isedore was 19 years old, the French invaded the Netherlands (1795-1814), and established the “Batavian Republic”.

As a young man, Jean Isedore immigrated to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He met German-born Antje Klaasen, and they had six children together between 1803-1825. All of their children were born in Amsterdam & baptised in the Evangelical Lutheran church. In 1817, Jean and Antje got married.

Jean Isedore went on poor relief in 1846 after becoming a widower. He died three years later, at the age of 73, in 1849.

Jean Isidore Allis 1762 poor relief



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