Antje Klaasen (1779)


 Antje was born in 1779 in  the fishing village of Neuharlingersiel, Wittmund, Lower Saxony, Germany. She was baptised as “Ancke Claßen” (“Ancke” is probably a misspelling of the popular German female name “Anke”). Her surname is a patronymic name that comes from the German first name “Claß”.

Antje’s father was Jacob Claßen (a skipper). Her father’s parents were Claß Jacobs (a fisherman) and Ancke Remmers.

Antje’s mother was Gesche Magdalena Ulrichs. Her mother’s parents were Ulrich Hilrichs, a skipper from the island of Spiekeroog (near Neuharlingersiel), and Gretje Hansken.

In 1801, when Antje was 22 years old, both of her parents died.

Antje immigrated to the Netherlands and met Frenchman Jean Isedore Allis. She and Jean Isedore had six children together (their first child, Jan Theodor was born in 1803, two years after Antje’s parents died).

In the Dutch records, Antje is called “Antje Klaasen”.

Note: Antje may be related to a German-born woman called “Grietje Klaasen” (she was married to Frederik Leeh and lived in Amsterdam). Both Antje & Grietje Klaasen belonged to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Amsterdam. In 1806, Antje was a witness to the baptism of Grietje Klaasen’s daughter (Antje Leeh). In 1810, Grietje Klaasen was a witness to the baptism of one of Antje Klaasen’s daughter, Grietje Allis.

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