The French surname “Alix” (or “Allix”) is a matronymic surname (a surname based on the name of a female ancestor). “Alix” is the oldest form of the female baptismal name Alice, which is itself derived from Adelaide. Adelaide is a name of Germanic origin, “Adalhaid” (from adal: “noble family” + heit: “state, rank”). The Alix/Allix surname was usually anglicized to “Allis” outside of France (eg. with immigration to the Netherlands & England).

Matronymic Surnames:

According to Wikipedia: “matronymic surnames are far less common than patronyms. In the past, matronymic last names were often given to children of unwed mothers. Other times when a woman was especially well known or powerful, her descendants would adopt a matronym based on her name… Although many English matronyms were given to children of unwed mothers, it was not unusual for children of married women to also use a matronymic surname. For instance, it was traditional during the Middle Ages for children whose fathers died before their births to use a matronym, and it was not unheard of for children to be given a matronym if the father’s name was foreign, difficult to pronounce, or had an unfortunate meaning. A child of a strong-minded woman might also take a matronym, as might a child whose name would otherwise be confused with that of a cousin or neighbour. ”

According to Wikipedia, surnames derived from matronyms can be found in France, especially in Normandy, for example: Catherine, Marie, Jeanne, & Adeline: “In medieval Normandy (Duchy of Normandy), a matronymic might be used when the mother was of greater prominence than the father or the basis for a claim of inheritance.”


Although Alix (or Allix) is a somewhat uncommon French surname, it’s early roots cannot be traced to one particular area of France. Some of the early Alix/Allix’s are below (from 1500-1550):

  • Perinne Allix & Heliot Hodee => daughter Jeanne Hodee born in 1502 in Pannece
  • Jean Allix => daughter Francoise Allix born in 1509 in Pannece
  • Massine Alix (1509-1580) (Rouen) (married Etienne Marsolet)
  • Julienne Alix born 1520 (Moncontour)
  • Denise Alix (1535-1570) (Aubervilliers)
  • Richard Alix (1539-1564) (Cancale)
  • Pierre Alix & Jehanne Thebault => child Guyonne Alix born 1547 (Langan)
  • Michel Allix (1547-1624), died in Montaigu-La-Brisette
  • Cecille Alix married Nicolas De St Omer in 1550 (Haucourt)

In the 1700s and 1800s the surnames “Allix” and “Alix” were most commonly found in North-West France (“Allix” was most commonly found in Manche; and “Alix” was most commonly found in Manche and Ille-Et-Vilaine).


Jean Isedore’s wedding documents declare that that he was born in 1776 in “Le Theil” Basse-Normandie to Pierre Andre Guillaume Allix & Marie Cecile Demaure.

There is a village called “Le Theil” that is located in Manche, Basse-Normandie.This is probably where Jean Isedore was born, because:

  • It is in Basse-Normandie;
  • It is in an area (Manche) where there were lots of “Allix” people around that time;
  • It borders Ille-Et-Villaine (where Marie Cecile Demaure’s family were probably from).

However, unfortunately we have not been able to trace any written records for Jean Isedore or his parents in Le Theil or nearby towns – therefore we have not been able to verify his place of origin.

The Allix/Alix’s that Jean Isedore is descended from probably lived in the Manche area of Basse-Normandie. The earliest ones probably lived in Montaigu-La-Brisette and were¬†descended from Michel Allix (1547-1624), or a member of his family. Most of the descendants later moved to Saint-Pierre-Eglise (and a few lived in the little village of “Le Theil” or in other towns in Manche).

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